Alexander Liebermann


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Échanges Op.2 (2013)

for Viola

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Duration: 6:30 min.

Premiere: May 29th, 2013 in Berlin, Germany by Bernadett Kis.

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“I have rarely enjoyed a contemporary piece so much. The poetry, the melancholy, but also the power and energy of Échanges perfectly match the character of the viola. Échanges should be an absolute “must” for every violist.”

– Walter Küssner (Member of the Berlin Philharmonic)


Program Note

Échanges was written in Berlin during the spring of 2013. The piece is based on the idea of augmenting the amount of voices between the movements. As a contrast to the first movement, in which a single and lonely melody mostly guides the flow, the second is built on a multitude of voices. Finally, the last movement produces the most ammount of voices by involving the audience in the piece like a responsorial prayer of a litany involves the churchgoers.