Alexander Liebermann


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List of Pieces

Heavy Absence Op.22 (2021) for Voice and piano
A Bird in Quarantine Op.21 (2020) for Flute
Unschärfe Op.20 (2020) for Percussion
Welcome to the Anthropocene Op.19 (2020) for Orchestra
Frozen Corpses Golden Treasures (2019) for Orchestra
Three Miniatures Op.18 (2019) for Guitar
Introduction and Blessing Op.17 (2019) for Violin and organ / piano
Placozoa Op.16 (2019) for Piano
Erwachen Op.15 (2018) for Soprano and chamber ensemble
Come to Light Op.14 (2018) for Violin
Labor of Love (2018) for String quartet
Kerkaporta Op.13 (2018) for Flute and percussion
Sonata Op.12 (2018) for Alto saxophone and piano
Elegie Op.8a (2018) for Cello and string orchestra
Gaillarde (2017) for String quartet
Après la pluie (2017) for Violin and piano
Semper eadem Op.11 (2017) for Voice and piano
Don’t you miss it? (2017) for Soprano and prerecorded electronics
Bagatelles Chantées Op.10 (2017) for Soprano and piano
Bagatelle (2016) for Cello and piano
Being an Archeologist (2016) for Piccolo, djembe, mridangam, and string quartet
De Poeta Op.9 (2016) for Mixed choir
Sonata Op.8 (2016) for Cello and piano
Torn (2016) for String quartet
Poèmes ROUX Op.7 (2016) for Voice and piano
Der Lindenbaum & Im Frühling (2016) for Mezzo-soprano and string orchestra
Bukoliki (2015) for Wind quintet
Attractions Op.6 (2014) for Flute
Humoresque Op.5 (2014) for Strings, percussion and two piccolo flutes
For Now (2014) for String quartet
Trio Op.4 (2014) for Violin, violoncello and piano
Rondeaux Op.3a (2013) for Soprano and orchestra
Rondeaux Op.3 (2013) for Soprano and piano
Échanges Op.2 (2013) for Viola
Gesänge Op.1 (2013) for Piano
Cool Blood (2013) for String quartet
Scattered Mi (2012) for Big band
L’Espoir du cerisier (2012) for Soprano and ensemble
L’Espoir du cerisier (2011) for Soprano and piano
Traversée (2011) for Wind orchestra
Schimmerndes Rot (2011) for String trio
Streichquartett Nr. 1 (2010) for String quartet