Alexander Liebermann


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Pieces for Piano

Heavy Absence Op.22 (2021) for Voice and piano
Introduction and Blessing Op.17 (2019) for Violin and organ / piano
Placozoa Op.16 (2019) for Piano
Sonata Op.12 (2018) for Alto saxophone and piano
Après la pluie (2017) for Violin and piano
Semper eadem Op.11 (2017) for Voice and piano
Bagatelles Chantées Op.10 (2017) for Soprano and piano
Bagatelle (2016) for Cello and piano
Sonata Op.8 (2016) for Cello and piano
Poèmes ROUX Op.7 (2016) for Voice and piano
Trio Op.4 (2014) for Violin, violoncello and piano
Rondeaux Op.3 (2013) for Soprano and piano
Gesänge Op.1 (2013) for Piano
L’Espoir du cerisier (2011) for Soprano and piano