Alexander Liebermann


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Film music Pieces

Frozen Corpses Golden Treasures (2019) for Orchestra
64:00 min.
Being an Archeologist (2016) for Piccolo, djembe, mridangam, and string quartet3:30 min.

Music composed for the documentary film “Frozen Corpses Golden Treasures” by Trevor Wallace and Gino Caspari

Performed by Laura Del Sol Jiménez, Tamika Gorski, Abhinav Seetharaman, Petteri Iivonen, Christopher Tun Andersen, Lukas Stepp & Roland Gjernes

Torn (2016) for String quartet2:30 min.

Music composed for the short film “Torn”

Performed by Christopher Tun Andersen, Ronald Long, Damon Taheri & Antonio Hallongren

Cool Blood (2013) for String quartet5:30 min.

Music composed for the short film “Cool Blood”