Alexander Liebermann


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Chamber Pieces

Introduction and Blessing Op.17 (2019) for Violin and organ / piano8:00 min.

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Labor of Love (2018) for String quartet24:00 min.

Four standards arranged for accompanying string quartet

Sonata Op.12 (2018) for Alto saxophone and piano8:00 min.

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Gaillarde (2017) for String quartet4:00 min.
Après la pluie (2017) for Violin and piano5:30 min.

A melody by Éric Alberti arranged for violin and piano

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Bagatelle (2016) for Cello and piano2:30 min.

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Sonata Op.8 (2016) for Cello and piano11:00 min.

Performed by Antonio Hallongren and Thomas Rudberg

Bukoliki (2015) for Wind quintet7:00 min.

Five miniatures by Witold Lutosławski arranged for wind quintet

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For Now (2014) for String quartet8:00 min.

Music for dance

Trio Op.4 (2014) for Violin, violoncello and piano10:00 min.
  • Short Introduction
  • Scherzo
  • Cosmopolitan Dance

Performed by Ani Bukujian, Madeleine Bouïssou and Juliann Ma

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Schimmerndes Rot (2011) for String trio
Two Violins and Viola
3:30 min.

Dodecaphonic study on the harmony of Scriabin

Performed by Rüdiger Liebermann, Bastian Loewe & Julia Lindner

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Streichquartett Nr. 1 (2010) for String quartet15:00 min.
  • Galliarda
  • Misterioso
  • Fugato
  • Rondo

Performed by Karim Saleh, Elia Kaden, Louis Bona & Stephan Buchmiller