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Alexander Liebermann is both a “natural” – a deeply gifted musician with powerful intuition and facility – and a thoughtful, well informed, curious student of a wide range of music. I am constantly impressed by his command of repertoire.

— Steven Stucky


February 21, 2018: Finished the Sonata for Saxophone & Piano.

January, 2018: I got commissioned a chamber piece by the Deutsche Oper in Berlin!

December, 2017: Finished a movement of my string quartet – listen to it here.

Novemeber, 2017: Writing a Flute Sonata for my friend Virgile Aragau.

November 6th, 2017: Starting a Sonata for Saxophone & Piano!!

October 1st, 2017: Starting a String Quartet

March 5th, 2017: Excited to know that Philippe Bianconi will be playing my piano solo piece in New York City on April 11th, 2017.